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Basmati Rice Recipe

After maize, rice is the highest produced grain in the world. Rice is high in carbohydrates, a great energy source. Rice as we know contains all the amino acids needed for building and maintaining muscle tissue. Rice is one of the easiest food to digest. Rice has all the characteristic benefits of a grain. Rice is a good source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. 4 oz (115 g) of rice contains 458 calories, it is low in sugar and has no cholesterol.

Khoresht Karafs Stew Recipe

Celery stew is a healthy stew that contains high value of vitamin A and vitamin C. Celery may lower blood pressure and have shown to be effective in the prevention of cancer. a bowl or 6.7 ounces (190 grams) of celery stew has about 242 calories and has or little cholesterol.

Khoresht Gheymeh Stew Recipe

Khoresht Gheymeh (Split yellow peas stew) a delicious stew with lots of protein. Yellow split peas are great source of protein and fiber. 4 ounces (115 grams) of khoresht gheymeh has 225 calories. Khoresht gheymeh is low in sodium and sugar but high in dietary fiber and selenium.

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew Recipe

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most famous Iranian foods that has been around from the ancient Persia for thousands of years.