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CNN World

  • 10 most famous paintings in the world
    Published on 12-09-19
    2 hours ago
  • Racial incident mars Manchester derby
    A 41-year-old man has been arrested over an alleged incident of racist abuse by a Manchester City fan during the derby match against crosstown rival Manchester United Saturday.
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    Published on 12-08-19
    1 day ago
  • One of these Top 10 CNN Heroes will get $100,000 more for their cause
    Prepare to be inspired: CNN has revealed the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2019 -- 10 men and women who are making the world a better place by helping families affected by tragedy, cleaning up the environment, protecting neglected animals, and so much more.
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    Published on 12-07-19
    2 days ago
  • Remember Madonna’s cone bra?
    Published on 12-07-19
    2 days ago
  • This island could become an unsinkable US aircraft carrier
    Published on 12-06-19
    3 days ago
  • The rise of the unruly airplane passenger
    Air travel can be hard work, whether it's navigating super-long security lines, losing the seat lottery and ending up jammed in the middle of the row, or finding yourself on a plane grounded on the runway, delayed and unmoving for the foreseeable future.
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    Published on 12-03-19
    6 days ago
  • 8 warm places to go for Christmas
    This is for you if: You love to celebrate Christmas. You love to travel. And you love to stay warm.
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    Published on 12-02-19
    1 week ago
  • Europe’s magical winter capital
    Budapest is fast becoming one of Europe's leading travel destinations, especially in winter when Hungary's capital city truly comes to life.
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    Published on 11-25-19
    2 weeks ago
  • The world’s best Christmas markets
    Christmas shopping doesn't have to mean joylessly battling through department store crowds or trawling the Internet for bargains. Why not combine present-buying with some travel?
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    Published on 10-04-19
    2 months ago