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Bethie Kohanchi M.A. LMFT

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To change or not to change !
Shall I tell him or not? Is it better to go? How can I say it right?
How many times has it happened in your life when you find yourself at a cross road not knowing where to turn, or what to do?
We all go through life struggles at times, and we have friends or relative to hear us out. But what about those times when they can’t? What about the times when they can’t understand our struggles? Are they capable of handling our sensitive issues? Can their good intentions end up being destructive?
Life can be a challenge, but the challenge can become a joy once you find the right person to get help from, one who can give you the tools for a happy life.
As an experienced psychotherapist I am available to hear you out, help you to go where you want and to feel the joy and happiness life has meant for you to have.

DrKohanchi.jpg 5 years ago
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