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CBS Auto Body Shop, Inc.

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6750 Lankershim Blvd. Los Angeles California 91606 US

CBS is sincere about striving to deliver what our name stands for: California’s Best Service. We pride ourselves on our service-oriented approach, from our friendly, responsive, efficient office staff to our highly skilled repair technicians. We have invested in the best quality equipment, and we continually upgrade as newer, better technology is introduced.
Our skilled, experienced technicians take pride in their work. Our people regularly attend stills enhancement programs including I-CAR training sessions, industry workshops and technical seminars, and they also receive ongoing training in new techniques and systems here in our facilities.
FREE ESTIMATE:CBS Auto Body Shop provides free estimates, using computerized estimating software and, upon request, digital images of your vehicle. We use the CCC Computerized Estimating Program to prepare initial and final estimates that are as accurate and complete as possible. The CCC Information Systems software helps reduce the time associated with the traditional insurance claim settlement and repair process in half, from 14 to 7 days, through more accurate information and improved efficiency.

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