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Dr. Khosrow S. Makki, M.D.

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7247-A Hanover Parkway Greenbelt Maryland 20770 US

Dr. K.S Makki has been providing his Ear, Nose and Throat(‘ENT’) expertise, specializing in medical and surgical care ofpediatric and adult ear, nose and throat disorders in the Maryland,Virginia and DC areas since 1985. Among his peers, Dr. Makki isviewed as a compassionate, knowledgeable and experiencedsurgeon.
Dr. Makki became an Attending Surgeon at the Department ofOtolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the WashingtonHospital Center and selected as a Senior Attending Surgeon. Dr.Makki oversees the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at the Hospitalwhile supervising ENT medical residents at the Hospital.
Dr. Makki has expanded his practice to include a certifiedaudiologist to provide on-site hearing test services, as well ashearing aid consultations exclusively for his patients. In additionto his medical and surgical practice, for over a decade Dr. Makkihas trained Georgetown University’s Ear, Nose and Throatmedical residents, teaching his students how to perform ear, noseand throat operations using the latest and most cutting edgemedical technology to improve patient outcomes.Please call us to schedule you for an in-office appointment .
Other office location: 1140 Varnum St., NE, Ste. 040, Washington, DC 20017

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