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Dr. Vida Nikzad, Psy.D.

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Licensed Psychologist (PSY23963)
Dr. Nikzad is a California licensed psychologist and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles, who specializes in individual, couples, and family therapy. She brings to her clients a diverse background of counseling experience, professional training, and, most importantly, a focus on positive results for her clients. Dr. Nikzad have had her fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, had an internship with Northridge Hospital, and has been working at Mission Community Hospital for the last four years in addition to her private practice.
In addition to Dr. Nikzad’s abilities to access, diagnose, and treat major mental and behavioral health problems, Dr Nikzad has extensive experience in treating couples and assisting them to develop a more satisfying relationship. Her success rate is extremely high. Dr Nikzad utilizes cutting edge research-based family therapy techniques and theories to obtain quick and definite results, including Emotional Couples Therapy (EFT) and attachment theory. Dr. Nikzad has extensive training and experience working with children who are having problems at home and/or at school for a variety of reasons.
Dr. Nikzad has helped many first- and second-generation immigrants to successfully cope with the challenge of living in a new country, facing daunting language and cultural barriers. One of the most common comments made about Dr. Nikzad by her clients is that she ‘really cares,’ ‘does not judge me,’ and ‘respects my culture and values.’

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Dr. Nanaz Pirnia
9012 Burton Way
Beverly Hills CA 90211

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