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Global Student Placement Network

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P. O. Box 232349 San Diego California 92193 US

Global Student Placement Network, or Global SPN, is an international education consulting company providing a range of services to individuals, institutions, and organizations. Our services include college admissions counseling, selection, placement, university tours, and student support services to individuals who wish to study in the United States.

With access to over 4,500 colleges and universities, and a deep understanding of the diverse cultures, locations, academic programs, student services, and the vast variety of educational opportunities available in the U.S., Global SPN advisors are poised to assist students accomplish their educational career goals while optimizing their cultural experiences and academic life in the U.S.

Dr. Negar Davis, Founder and CEO, brings a wealth of personal and professional international education experiences to Global SPN. Her career has taken her between private and public universities; including research, teaching and comprehensive institutions which has given her a rich perspective of the U.S. educational system. As a passionate higher education professional, she earned her doctorate in international and multicultural education from the University of San Francisco. Throughout her career, Negar Davis has advised and assisted thousands of students across the globe to successfully enroll and graduate from reputable universities.

Individuals interested in studying in the U.S., will benefit from our professional expertise and a hassle free application process and admission to top ranking universities. Global SPN is your gateway to obtaining a U.S. education whether you are looking for undergraduate or graduate studies; language programs or boarding schools; or other educational opportunities.

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