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Third Phone Number: 818.268.4646
Jaco coffee & Tea Catering is a professional on location catering service that provides all of your catering needs. We have been in business for several years. There is no event size too big or too small, Jaco coffee & Tea Catering’s team always gets the job done! Our professional team and does not leave until you, the costumer is satisfied with our services. We always see to it that your events always have a positive and an unforgettable, ever lasting effect for your memories. We take pride in what in what we serve and in our costumers. We cater a high variety of coffee, Tea and much more. We take hospitality very seriously. We want you the client to enjoy your events and we will do whatever is necessary to make your events even better. The Quality of our fruits are always fresh our coffee is made to order. Our chocolate fountain is made fresh and our tea’s are also freshly brewed and ready to order.

JacoCoffee.jpg 5 years ago
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