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Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh

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2049 Century Park East Suite 2680 Los Angeles California 90067 US

The Law Offices of MIKE S. MANESH has been practicing law in California for over 20 years. As a pioneer attorney in the Iranian-Americanimmigrant community, the focus of the firm has been to act as zealous advocates in fulfilling high expectations of the clientele with regards to thelegal standards present in California. Through the Iranian media inSouthern California, I have consistently availed my professional servicesto many households and professionals in need of understanding thecomplex legal areas of trust, estate, planning, probate, tax laws, and AssetProtection Planning. The firm has earned the reputation of providing themost updated, innovative, and solid legal representation within thecommunity.
As a “straight-shooter and no nonsense advocate,” I have eliminated manycultural taboos and misconceptions of Estate Planning. I have been able toemphasize the urgency and importance of estate planning as a necessary alternative to “doing nothing” and avoiding the long and expensive probate proceedings.

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