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Dr. Parvin Nezami is an International Speaker, Author. She believes in change as a most important aspect of our life…. for happy and successful marriage, for communicate with our children and for job satisfaction and HAPPY, HEALTHY, and WEALTHY LIFE and Create your Destiny, we need to know about our Mind and Body works. When we change our mind, our self-Concept, our feelings and our Motivation will change directly toward our Goal. She uses Hypnotherapy as needed Dr. Nezami hosts TV Programs (Life Design Miracle) on Time TV and ITN TV (Iranian satellite). She wrote a book about our believe system, and guides us how to change our unwanted believes, the name of my book is MYSTERY OF SUCCESS AND CREATIVE MIND, and 4 hours CD that comes with the book. In Iran, more than 3000 books have been sold! Board of Psychology in Iran has bought many of her books for Psychology students. You can buy this book from all book stores in Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA or directly from her website:

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