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Margo Farnaz Galdjie, Psy.D.

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– Licensed Psychologist – specializes in working with young adults.
– Modalities: Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, Object Relational Therapy, Gestalt Therapy
– Certified Hypnotherapist
– Certified in Pre-Martial Therapy
– Specializes in Depression and Anxiety
Dr. Farnaz Margo Galdjie is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles. She has been providing individual and family therapy to the Iranian and American community for the past 15 years. Dr. Farnaz Margo Galdjie specializes in working with young adults, focusing on issues of self esteem and goal accomplishments. She is also a certified pre-marital therapist administering extensive pre-marital testing to couples in order to deeply evaluate their compatibility. and identify their areas of both strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Dr. Galdjie is a certified hypnotherapist with many years of training, education and practice in that area. Dr. Farnaz Margo Galdjie is an active executive board member of various organizations; she is the Co-Founder of the Iranian Psychological Association, as well as the Co-founder and executive board member of The Women of Vision and Co-Founder and Co-Program Director if the Iranian Counseling Center at Antioch University. Dr. Farnaz Margo Galdjie has given many seminars and lectures throughout the years at various centers, hospitals and clinics, and was a regular guest on KIRN – 670AM and various TV shows. She is fluent in Farsi, Hebrew, and English.

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