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Sheida Francis P.H.D. , MFT

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12301 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 515 Los Angeles California 90025 US

My practice focus is on building healing and developing strong personal and intimate relationships. I believe successful relationships are the key for psychological, physical, and spiritual health. I provide exceptional psychotherapy treatment for adults experiencing anxiety, depression, abuse and self-esteem issues so that they heal their pain and live their lives. Psychotherapy is an adventure into the world within you to help you to comprehend your feeling and the forces that drive you. With this understanding you will create a fresh perspective and achieve a new mastery of your life, to know one’s own person, preferences and boundaries.Through my expertise, I am able to work with adults seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and relationship issues so that they can heal their pain and live life without these issues.
Dr. Francis is clinical member of CAMFT and supervises trainies and graduate interns at Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills.
Dr. Sheida Francis offers a FREE 30 minutes initial consultation.

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