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Zohreh Setareh Vahdat

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Loose the weight you wanted all your life now and keep it off, live a healthy happy life starting today…
manage your diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, fatigue, hair loss, skin conditions etc…
come learn about the new research and how nutrition can be a turning point in your life…
I along with you and your family physician can make a change and bring health back in your life, or take preventative steps in keeping your most valuable asset your health..
CALL TODAY! 818.414.0232

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Minoo Bahri

Los Angeles CA


Margo Farnaz Galdjie, Psy.D.
Margo Farnaz Galdjie, Psy.D. Antioch University International Counseling
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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310-877-1865 310-925-4369310-877-1865 310-925-4369

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Dr. Nooshin Sabeti, Ph.D. L.M.F.T.
Dr. Nooshin Sabeti

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310-780-8007 310-556-0676310-780-8007 310-556-0676

Aviva Motavassel Realtor
Aviva Motavassel

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