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  • Aahoo posted an update in the group Group logo of Books by Persian AuthorsBooks by Persian Authors 3 years ago

    Monsters Are Afraid of the Moon
    by Marjane Satrapi

    “Poor Marie! Every night as she climbed into bed, she got a visit from three monsters. They only came out in darkness, so she knew they must be afraid of the light. Marie took a huge pair of scissors, and cutting the moon out of the sky, hung it right in her bedroom. No darkness, no monsters!

    Her plan worked perfectly, or so she thought . . . but without a moon in the sky, the village cats were in total darkness! They began bumping into everything, and winding up in the hospital. With no cats to chase them, the mice ran amuck. Finally the king found Marie: “You must return the moon to the sky!” he said. But Marie wouldn’t agree–not until she was sure those monsters were gone. How could the king make things right for everyone? A delightful tall tale for bedtime or anytime.”