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  • Brazil’s leadership under fire for blazes decimating Amazon rainforest
    Protesters gathered around the world to voice their outrage over the fires devastating the Amazon rainforest and call on Brazil’s leadership to take action.
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    Published on 08-23-19
    3 hours ago
  • Group connected to Polish ‘LGBT-Free Zone’ newspaper to host Carnegie Hall event
    Gazeta Polska Community of America, which is affiliated with an infamous far-right Polish publication, plans to host a concert at Carnegie Hall in October.
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    Published on 08-23-19By Tim Fitzsimons
    4 hours ago
  • How the Amazon’s fires, deforestation affect the U.S. Midwest
    The Amazon is a "weather engine," and studies show further deforestation has the ability to destabilize rainfall patterns and threaten food production.
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    Published on 08-23-19By Erik Ortiz
    6 hours ago
  • Russia’s ‘floating Chernobyl’ nuclear plant begins voyage north
    "It could flood or sink or run aground. All of these scenarios could potentially lead to radioactive substances being leaked," Greenpeace warned.
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    Published on 08-23-19By Matthew Bodner and Linda Givetash
    9 hours ago
  • A widower's plea is answered, illegal logging in the Amazon, Proud Boys on the march and more.
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    Published on 08-23-19
    10 hours ago
  • Worldwide pleas to save the Amazon as fires decimate rainforest
    A NASA scientist tells NBC’s Anne Thompson that nearly all the fires its satellites see in Brazil were started by people trying to make room for crops and cattle. A conservationist who was at a fire on the Brazil-Peru border said the blazes have been devastating for wildlife in the forest.
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    Published on 08-22-19
    1 day ago
  • How are the raging fires in the Amazon rainforest affecting climate change?
    "The effects of forest destruction in the Amazon don't stay in the Amazon. They affect us all," one expert said.
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    Published on 08-22-19By Erik Ortiz
    1 day ago
  • Trump joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland. Puerto Ricans are joking back.
    Puerto Rican Twitter users coined the term "Caribbean Vikings" and created their own Danish "starter kits" in case Puerto Rico becomes a colony of Denmark.
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    Published on 08-22-19By Nicole Acevedo
    1 day ago
  • Saudi judge rules U.S. mother too Western to raise daughter
    “It's like a nightmare that just won't stop," an aunt said of the mother's ordeal.
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    Published on 08-21-19By Saphora Smith and Christian Young
    2 days ago
  • ‘Waiting for her’: Rep. Tlaib’s grandmother in the West Bank still hopes for a visit
    "I hope, inshallah, that she will come back. I’m waiting for her," Muftia Tlaib told NBC News.
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    Published on 08-17-19By Lawahez Jabari and Linda Givetash
    7 days ago