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  • Ancient 'scepters' were actually straws for communal boozing, researchers say
    Silver and gold tubes unearthed in an ancient tomb in southern Russia and long thought to be ceremonial staffs were, in fact, the earliest-known drinking straws.
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    Published on 01-19-22By Tom Metcalfe
    3 hours ago
  • Blinken launches fresh diplomatic push in Ukraine as fears of Russian invasion mount
    Fearing a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent, the United States launched a fresh effort to resolve the standoff on Wednesday.
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    Published on 01-19-22By Yuliya Talmazan and Tatyana Chistikova and Abigail Williams
    4 hours ago
  • World's oldest man dies at 112, Guinness World Records says
    Saturnino de la Fuente, a Spaniard described by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest man, died Tuesday at the age of 112 years and 341 days, the
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    Published on 01-18-22By The Associated Press
    9 hours ago
  • Russian invasion fears inside Ukraine
    New videos show Russian troops preparing for battle near the Ukrainian border. Fresh columns of Russian tanks have also arrived in neighboring Belarus, which has said it will follow Russia’s lead.
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    Published on 01-18-22
    16 hours ago
  • Trans activists will not be charged for sharing J.K. Rowling’s address on Twitter
    “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling previously bashed the transgender advocates, urging them to “stop stalking, harassing and threatening” women.
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    Published on 01-18-22By Matt Lavietes
    19 hours ago
  • Twin earthquakes in western Afghanistan kill at least 22
    Two earthquakes rattled Afghanistan’s western Badghis province on Monday, killing at least 22 people, a local official said.
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    Published on 01-18-22By Associated Press
    1 day ago
  • Tonga assesses damage after tsunami, with drinking water and ash among concerns
    Australia and New Zealand sent surveillance flights on Monday to assess damage on the Pacific island of Tonga after a volcanic eruption that set off a tsunami.
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    Published on 01-17-22By Reuters
    2 days ago
  • Beijing Olympics says tickets will not be sold to general public
    Only “selected” spectators will be permitted at next month’s Beijing Olympics because of the coronavirus pandemic, organizers said Monday.
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    Published on 01-17-22By The Associated Press
    2 days ago
  • Massive volcano eruption kills at least one person in Tonga
    The entire west coast is under a tsunami alert over the weekend as a massive volcanic eruption occurred in the Pacific Ocean. NBC News’ Matt Bradley reports at least one person is dead with many more missing or feared dead as communications to the island nation remain cut off. 
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    Published on 01-17-22
    2 days ago
  • Family of Texas synagogue hostage-taker apologizes to victims
    The family of Malik Faisal Akram, a British gunman who held four people hostage at a synagogue in Texas, has apologized for his actions.
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    Published on 01-17-22By Yuliya Talmazan
    2 days ago