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NBC World News

  • Police killing of man they say was armed sparks riot
    Police wanted to question the man in connection to a shooting when a struggle ensued, according to the Orange County District Attorney, who said the man had a gun and fired at officers.
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    Published on 03-28-20By Minyvonne Burke
    2 hours ago
  • Leading journalist arrested in Algeria, press freedom group says
    Khaled Drareni became famous for his coverage of the protests which shook Algeria for most of last year, forcing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to resign.
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    Published on 03-28-20By Reuters
    8 hours ago
  • The coronavirus pandemic drove life online. It may never return.
    What passes for normal life now happens almost entirely online.
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    Published on 03-28-20By Jason Abbruzzese and David Ingram and Sawyer Click
    10 hours ago
  • Why some COVID-19 patients may face problems even after recovery
    People who remain in the ICU for weeks may end up with memory problems and trouble thinking clearly.
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    Published on 03-28-20By Erika Edwards
    11 hours ago
  • Cautious Wuhan residents tentatively venture outside community gates
    “With everyone going back out, it seems reasonable there could be a second wave,” one resident in the origin of the coronavirus outbreak said.
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    Published on 03-28-20By Saphora Smith and Leou Chen and Matthew Mulligan and Eric Baculinao
    12 hours ago
  • Meet the congressman who tried to derail the coronavirus bill
    Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie — nicknamed "Mr. No" — created chaos on Capitol Hill on Friday as the House rushed to pass the emergency measure.
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    Published on 03-27-20By Lauren Egan
    14 hours ago
  • CEO of ventilator maker speaks out as Trump invokes Defense Production Act
    Chris Kiple told NBC News his company was already well on its way to rolling out thousands of ventilators to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.
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    Published on 03-27-20By Lisa Cavazuti and Cynthia McFadden and Christine Romo
    19 hours ago
  • Disgraced Los Angeles lawmaker agrees to plead guilty to lying about improper gifts
    Cash, casino chips and the services of female escorts were given to former Councilman Mitchell Englander.
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    Published on 03-27-20By David K. Li
    21 hours ago
  • Alabama girl, 4, missing for nearly two days, found safe
    Evelyn Vadie Sides and her dog have been reunited with worried loved ones.
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    Published on 03-27-20By David K. Li
    21 hours ago
  • White House advisers push Trump to avoid more date-specific timelines
    Trump’s aides are concerned that his push for opening up some regions by a specific date will backfire on both the country and on his political prospects.
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    Published on 03-27-20By Carol E. Lee and Kristen Welker and Monica Alba
    22 hours ago