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NBC World News

  • Asian Americans now see why we need to fight back against racism, not ignore it
    As a community, we often ignored racism directed at us as a potential distraction. We must now acknowledge it's far more dangerous than that.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Xiao Wang
    53 mins ago
  • Senate stalls as jobless benefits become contentious in Covid relief bill
    The Senate is expected to pass the $1.9 trillion package — and Democrats are working to keep all members on board.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Sahil Kapur and Leigh Ann Caldwell and Frank Thorp V and Julie Tsirkin
    3 hours ago
  • Why closing down Washington in response to terror threats can invite more of them
    The move relays a message of disarray, disunity and panic, which is exactly the kind of impact terrorists aim to achieve.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Ido Levy
    5 hours ago
  • 'My heart is broken': Mom loses daughter in Calif. crash amid tragic cross-border journey
    Verlyn Cardona recalls the California accident that left 13 people dead, including her daughter Yesenia. The SUV they were in with 25 people had crossed the U.S. border.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Luis Antonio Hernández, Noticias Telemundo
    5 hours ago
  • Texas school scraps assignment that had girls 'obey any reasonable request of a male'
    “Outside the classroom, ladies cannot show intellectual superiority if it would offend the men around them," one prompt in the assignment said.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Elisha Fieldstadt
    6 hours ago
  • Pope Francis laments ‘the disastrous effects of wars’ as Iraq trip begins
    Speaking at the presidential palace welcome ceremony, the pontiff urged people to overcome their differences and “leave to future generations a better, more just and more humane world."
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    Published on 03-05-21
    6 hours ago
  • Delta flight diverted to Sacramento after passenger dies on plane
    The passenger became unresponsive Thursday on a flight headed to Seattle, officials said.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Wilson Wong
    7 hours ago
  • Second lawsuit filed against Trump over Jan. 6 Capitol riot
    Rep. Swalwell is trying to make the same arguments made during the impeachment to win a civil lawsuit.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Pete Williams
    8 hours ago
  • A vaccination at your door? J&J quickly spurs new ways to distribute shots
    The recently approved Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is opening up a menu of new ways to get shots into arms.
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    Published on 03-05-21By David Ingram
    9 hours ago
  • Meghan tells Oprah it's 'liberating' to speak out as royal feud continues
    The clip was released a day after another 30-second excerpt showed Meghan accusing the royal family of "perpetuating falsehoods" about the couple.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Henry Austin
    10 hours ago