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Wired Technology

  • Our Favorite Cold-Weather Gear for $100 or Less
    These coats, gloves, and other winter essentials will keep you bundled up and under budget.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Louryn Strampe, Julian Chokkattu
    11 hours ago
  • These Smart Insoles Fixed My Running Form—and My Aching Hip
    These pressure-sensing insoles are a great diagnostic tool for leveling up training or addressing painful running woes.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Parker Hall
    12 hours ago
  • How to Tap Into Students' Strengths During Remote Learning
    Growing up making friends on AIM and in chatrooms, I know the internet can foster human connection. Here are some tips that translate to teaching online classes.
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    Published on 03-05-21By Virginia Valenzuela
    14 hours ago
  • All Our Favorite Accessories for the Nintendo Switch
    Did you pick up a Switch or Switch Lite recently? Here are some screen protectors, chargers, and other accoutrements for your new best friend.
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    Published on 03-04-21By Jess Grey, Jeffrey Van Camp
    1 day ago
  • The Best Used Tech to Buy (and Sell)
    That old Microsoft Zune? Not so much. That old iPhone? Definitely.
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    Published on 03-04-21By Whitson Gordon
    2 days ago
  • Should Anyone Actually Care About Ray Tracing?
    What was supposed to be all the rage in graphics quickly turned into a meme. But will it actually improve your gaming experience?
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    Published on 03-03-21By Eric Ravenscraft
    3 days ago
  • Strap on a HoloLens and Step Into the AR Conference Room
    Microsoft’s new Mesh software platform helps faraway coworkers meet up and interact in mixed reality. The results are, well, still mixed.
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    Published on 03-02-21By Lauren Goode
    3 days ago
  • The Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Everyone
    Whether you're backcountry skiing or running around the backyard, we have an activity tracker for you.
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    Published on 03-01-21By Adrienne So
    4 days ago
  • Period Underwear Changed My Life—and I'm Never Going Back
    Wearing underwear designed to absorb my menstrual flow—with no additional protection—has made my period more comfortable. It’s kinder to the planet too.
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    Published on 02-28-21By Medea Giordano
    6 days ago
  • Alexa Skills That Are Actually Fun and Useful
    Sure, you can add items to your shopping list, check the weather, and get random trivia. Now let's take your Echo to the next level.
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    Published on 02-27-21By Eric Ravenscraft
    7 days ago